Centtrip are a fintech company introducing a new dimension to the banking landscape with their unique technology and unrivalled expertise.

The FX leaders sponsored the Golfing4Life Invitational in 2017 and brought the Henry Cooper Junior Masters to Sky TV in 2016. Tony North , Simon Liddell & Brian Jamieson are in total support of G4L , along with the life education and opportunity it instills. The company recently provided financial support for Dan Brown and Sean Towndrow in their first year as professionals.

Changing the world in currency conversion

Established by seasoned and successful financial industry veterans, they have made global payments, treasury and foreign-exchange services smarter and more transparent. Whether you are a multi-national company, small enterprise or an affluent individual, they empower you to do business anywhere in the world.


We pride ourselves on our agile approach and constant focus on innovation. We do things better and faster by using our state-of-the-art technology. We create and develop bespoke services that drive and complement digital transformation across all industries and sectors.


We harness our unrivalled expertise, in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to provide smart products and sophisticated services to our clients across the globe. We focus on your unique requirements and use a pro-active approach when assessing your company’s needs to make sure all our products and services are relevant and well suited to your specific needs.


We are personable and understanding. We are here to help you make sense of your finances and build a strong business network across the globe.